Indigenous Marathon Foundation Partnership

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) has used running for the last 11 years to promote healthy lifestyles, and to instil self-worth and pride across our Indigenous communities.

It has shown the incredible benefits that something simple such as running can achieve. Similarly, Run Army is an initiative that demonstrates the health benefits of running to the community and is a great initiative to encourage people from all backgrounds to start running.

The partnership between Run Army and the IMF provides opportunities for long term, positive commitment to the Whole of Australian Government ‘Closing the Gap’ Strategy. Run Army and IMF are currently working towards opportunities to enhance IMF programs, Army Indigenous Pathway opportunities and the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program through common goals of improvements in infrastructure, education, health, and physical activity.

The IMF has Indigenous marathon runners in North West Mobile Force, up through the Torres Strait in 51 Far North Queensland Regiment. 

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