Our Story

More than just a fun run

By taking part in Run Army, each runner will be supporting Legacy and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
Each step taken will help:

  • Our heroes’ children. Each year Legacy hosts holiday camps and other social activities, allowing them to thrive, despite their adversity and loss.
  • Widow(er)s who have lost their partner. Legacy provides day trips to relieve isolation and support at home to make life easier and assist independent living.
  • Young families. Legacy helps to facilitate financial relief and educational support to reduce further stresses or strains on the household.

Your contribution can ensure veterans’ families remain connected and supported, even during the challenges brought on by COVID-19.


A New Tradition

Run Army will bring together a community of people with the common goal of supporting soldiers of the Australian Army and the families of our fallen and injured veterans.

Conducted annually on the weekend leading up to Anzac Day, Run Army allows the community to follow in the footsteps of generations of diggers, pushing themselves mentally and physically through a 5 km walk/run or 10 km run. Runners and walkers will be not only recognising the ANZAC spirit, but also supporting current soldiers of the Australian Army.

This will be an engaging and symbolic event, as people of all ages and fitness levels run alongside veterans and current members of the Australian Army.

Run Army is an Australian Army initiative to promote running, health and wellbeing to its members.

Run Army acknowledges the commitment of our soldiers who are developing their mental and physical resilience, or returning from injury and illness.

Positioned as a key new event in Brisbane’s Anzac weekend, and partnering with Legacy Brisbane, Run Army also acknowledges the service of survivors of our wars, and the fallen.

Run Army is an exciting new initiative to encourage people from all backgrounds to run. It is an important annual event that promotes resilience, health and wellbeing, not just among the Army, but across the community.

Run Army is like no other event. What other community run starts with the blast of a 105mm Howitzer gun?! Runners and walkers will then travel past an array of the latest and greatest military armoured vehicles and hardware. There will be helicopter fly pasts and the Army’s inflatable boats on the Brisbane River. Brisbane will be draped in camouflage to support Legacy and raise vital funds for veterans’ families. Run Army acknowledges the commitment of our soldiers who are developing their mental and physical resilience, or returning from injury and illness.

The event’s timing, the day before ANZAC Day, highlights one of the most important weekends of the year, when the Army, and all Australians, pause to remember the selfless sacrifice of so many to preserve today’s way of life. The Australian Army has deep ties with the Brisbane community, and Run Army is a chance to strengthen those bonds over the Anzac Day weekend.

Legacy Brisbane are the beneficiaries of funds raised from Run Army’s actual event and funds raised from the virtual event will go to Legacy Clubs.